Social Networks ARE a Disruptive Scourge

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… and despite what Phil Fersht says, we should not embrace them. I could write a five page essay on why we should outlaw them, but since they’ve given all of you ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder, if you’ve gotten this far), I’ll get to the point.

If you and your employees are checking your tweets every five minutes, how much work are you getting done? The answer: very little … at a time when your smart competitors who have banned MySpace, FaceBook, and, most especially, Twitter, from the workplace are running circles around you. There’s a place and a time for Web 2.0, and where most of today’s instantiations are concerned, the office is not one of them. It’s one thing to incorporate the useful components of the technology to allow your global workforce to come together, collaborate, and share ideas like RollStream did (which I do recommend) … but it’s another to allow your employees to follow sockington the cat on Twitter on work time. Think about it.