Recession-Resistant Demand Management Strategies and Tactics

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A recent article in i2’s Supply Chain Leader on how resilient companies can manage demand when the past is not a reliable indicator of the future had a great table that compared and contrasted demand tactics and strategies in stable vs. volatile economies that did a great job of summarizing the demand management strategies you need to weather the storm.

The following points from Recession-Resistant Demand Management Strategies and Tactics in particular are key:

  • level and seasonality in volatile economy are best determined from the last 2-3 months, not 2-3 years
  • constantly look for patterns that are different from expectations and make adjustments quickly
  • it’s not just about consensus forecasting — triangulate multiple scenarios across functions against leading and trailing indicators to come up with near real-time forecasts
  • combine and push-and-pull strategies to get the best results
  • monitor continuously … today’s patterns will not be tomorrow’s