Ensuring Responsible & Ethical Production: Can You Answer Walmart’s Five Questions?

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Walmart has made it’s 15 Question Sustainability Product Index public. Can you answer it’s five questions on people and community?

  • Do you know the location of 100% of the facilities that produce your product(s)?
    You should. You really, really should. Not just for ethical reasons, but for compliance and regulatory reasons.
  • Before beginning a business relationship with a manufacturing facility, do you evaluate the quality of, and capacity for, production?
    If you sell the product, and it’s defective, you’re on the hook.
  • Do you have a process for managing social compliance at the manufacturing level?
    If you don’t, how do you insure your social policies are being followed?
  • Do you work with your supply base to resolve issues found during social compliance evaluations and also document specific corrections and improvements?
    You need to lead the way.
  • Do you invest in community development activities in the markets you source from and/or operate within?
    While not critical from a compliance or regulatory viewpoint, it’s the right thing to do.