Earn Your Customer’s Loyalty … And Maybe You’ll Keep Them

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Customer acquisition is an investment, but customer retention delivers profitability, so you should do what you can to keep your current customers, as per a recent article on how to earn your customers’ loyalty in CRM News.

The article delivered seven strategies to keep your customers loyal which is worth a review, especially if you are a supply chain department whose survival depends on keeping your internal customers happy.

  • Provide Stellar Customer Service
    It’s a key differentiator in the retail world and in the boardroom.
  • Make your Web Site a Customer Self-Service Center
    And open your applications up to the company, at least for status reporting.
  • Use e-mail to communicate with customers.
    It’s great for keeping them up to date.
  • Pick Up the Phone
    Call your customers regularly to see how they are doing or if they need anything.
  • Solicit Customer Feedback
    Listen, and Respond. Customers want to feel valued.
  • Reward Customer Retention
    Share the success. There’ll be enough to go around.
  • Establish Customer-Friendly Policies.
    Your job is to get them what they need at the best price.