CAO: Chief Administrative Officer

     Chief Academic Officer

     Chief Analytics Officer

     Chief Advisement Officer

CBO: Chief Banking Officer

     Chief Brand Officer

     Chief Brokerage Officer

CCO: Chief Compliance Officer

     Chief Communications Officer

     Chief Control Officer

     Chief Customer Officer

     Chief Creative Officer

     Chief Carbon Officer

     Chief Consulting Officer

CDO: Chief Development Officer

     Chief Disciplinary Officer

CEO: Chief Executive Officer

     Chief Ethics Officer

     Chief Entertainment Officer

CFO: Chief Financial Officer

CGO: Chief Globalization Officer

     Chief Government Officer

     Chief Growth Officer

CHO: Chief Health Officer

     Chief Humanitarian Officer

CIO: Chief Information Officer

     Chief Innovation Officer

     Chief Intelligence Officer

     Chief Investment Officer

     Chief Integrity Officer

CJO: Chief Judicial Officer

CKO: Chief Knowledge Officer

CLO: Chief Logistics Officer

     Chief Legal Officer

     Chief Learning Officer

     Chief Linguistics Officer

CMO: Chief Marketing Officer

     Chief Medical Officer

CNO: Chief Nursing Officer

COO: Chief Operations Officer

CPO: Chief Procurement Officer

     Chief Privacy Officer

     Chief People Officer

     Chief Performance Officer

CQO: Chief Quality Officer

CRO: Chief Risk Officer

     Chief Research Officer

     Chief Revenue Officer

     Chief Restructuring Officer

CSO: Chief Supply (Chain) Officer

     Chief Strategy Officer

     Chief Security Officer

     Chief Sales Officer

     Chief Science Officer

     Chief Staff Officer

     Chief Solutions Officer

     Chief Suitability Officer

CTO: Chief Technology Officer

     Chief Transportation Officer

     Chief Telecommunications Officer

CUO: Chief Underwriting Officer

CVO: Chief Visionary Officer

     Chief Volunteer Officer

CWO: Chief Web Officer

CXO: Chief eXperience Officer

and now a

CCO: Chief Commercial Officer.

I think we need a Chief Universal Cipher Keeping Ontological Officer, or CUCKOO, to keep track of them all. I know I’m going cuckoo trying to keep track of them …