Do You Have Your Biggest Supply Chain Risk Covered?

If you said “yes“, think again! I know for a fact that the odds of you having your biggest supply chain risk covered are so statistically insignificant that they are effectively zero. Why? Because I cover supply chain technology, and it’s current reach. And despite the best efforts of myself, and a few other individuals who have been pounding away at the keys for years, most of the technology that you really need hasn’t yet permeated your four walls (or your ceiling or your floor for that matter).

You see, your biggest risk is not market shifts, natural disasters, or political turmoil — it’s your platform. The platform that your people rely on day-in and day-out to do their jobs … and if it doesn’t give you the visibility you need, you’ll never know which risks you have, which risks you have mitigated, or which risk just appeared that is about to wipe-out a third of your operations if you don’t act fast and mitigate it.

So check out my two-part series that ran last week on @Risk and 2Sustain, because when I say don’t ignore your platform risk because sustainability is an internal concern as well, I mean it!

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