RIP, Purchasing Magazine and SCMR

Purchasing Magazine and the Supply Chain Management Review are DEAD, GONE, OUT OF BUSINESS.

Whether you are a reader or a solution provider who was counting on these sites, you are NOT out of options like Sourcing Innovation. Sourcing Innovation will continue to do what it’s been doing since day one — publishing a high quality, content-rich (twice-daily) blog seven days a week, three hundred and sixty five days a year.

So if you’re a reader, stick around. Sourcing Innovation will continue to give you insight to set you right. And if you’re a solution provider, check out last week’s post to find out what Sourcing Innovation can do for you to help you get your message out. Sourcing Innovation has been growing month over month since its inception, and reaches up to:

  • 15,000 unique visitors a month, making
  • 50,000 unique visits, that view
  • 250,000 unique pages, that constitute
  • 15 GB of pure text (equivalent to over 50 copies of the Encyclopaedia Britannica)

Sourcing Innovation may have already published over 1.25 Million words in its brief 4-year existence, but it’s just getting started. Because, dear reader, it’s all about you.