The Enterprise 2.0 Emperor Has Nice Looking Threads …

… but they might not keep you dry and warm if a storm blows in!

Allow me to explain. Intelligent Enterprise recently asked if the enterprise 2.0 emperor has no clothes because, when it comes to collaboration:

  1. it’s already going on in enterprises, just as it always has and
  2. it’s not that interesting if it doesn’t impact the core business processes of the intended users.

The new tools may look great, and may streamline the processes with their aerodynamic properties, but the fundamental fact remains that if the users aren’t using them regularly with the intent to collaborate, then the tools won’t help when it comes to identifying small problems that can quickly escalate into full blown supply disruptions, or when it comes to working together to make sure the disruptions never happen. Just like a stylish polyester jumpsuit isn’t much help when a cold, heavy, rainstorm blows your way.

So before you go buying an Enterprise 2.0 solution (like those offered by Hiperos, Rollstream, etc.), make sure you have your processes and culture in order. Otherwise, you’ll never realize the benefits that these systems have to offer (which, if you’ve read the SI reviews, can be numerous) and are better off sticking with your tin-can communication system as modern technology is useless if you aren’t ready for it and won’t use it properly.

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