Seven Supply Chain Commandments? I Think One Commandment Is Enough! recently posted an article on Command and Supply which stated that if you apply the seven supply chain commandments to your procurement practice — and ensure its daily execution is faultless — you will achieve superior performance. While I don’t disagree, I think the commandments can be simplified and amalgamated. In fact, I think they can be reduced to one!

But first, the commandments:

  • Articulate a clear value-creation algorithm
  • Approach the supply chain as a comprehensive value delivery system
  • Segment the supply chain and consistently adapt it to the characteristics of each segment
  • Optimize the global operations architecture for scale, access, flexibility and risk mitigation
  • Selectively invest for mastery in differentiating capability areas
  • Deploy information systems that deliver insightful analytics, alignment and responsiveness
  • Drive process execution discipline with the right talent, powered by a culture that enables high performance

They’re all good. But I think this one commandment covers it:

Focus on Value

If you do, you

  • will create a value creation algorithm,
  • focus on the creation of a value delivery system,
  • segment the supply chain into segments which require different approaches for value creation,
  • optimize for scale, flexibility, and risk mitigation,
  • invest for mastery where the returns are greatest,
  • will acquire systems that provide real analytics, and
  • drive for continual improvement in process execution.

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