Finally An Article That Demonstrates That The Cloud Is Filled With Hail!

StorefrontBacktalk recently ran a great article on how it’s not so soft in the cloud after all. On December 5th, the web site of U.K. grocery giant Tesco ground to a halt after a surge of customers tried to take advantage of a new loyalty-card promotion. This was AFTER Tesco had announced that Akamai would be offloading 90% of the load to make sure nothing would go wrong.

And, of course, once the site went down, the call centre got overloaded too. And what happened when the failure was investigated? Akamai blamed the failure on a part of the Tesco site that was not being supported by Akamai’s cloud services, passing the buck.

And if all transactions eventually have to pass through, or be recorded in your systems, the bottleneck will still be there and all the cloud will do is accelerate your failure.

That’s why I’ve warned you again and again and again that the cloud is not a fluffy magic box.

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