Daily Archives: April 17, 2011

Do You Really Think It’s A Good Idea To Have Your Head In The Clouds?

eWeek.com recently published an article on how many data centers [are] unprepared for disasters that’s downright frightening. According to the recent AFCOM “State of the Data Center” survey that polled 358 data center managers from around the world,

  • more than 15% of respondents said their data center had no plan for backup and recovery,
  • 50% of respondents have no plan to replace damaged equipment after a disaster,
  • 65% have no plan to deal with cyber criminals!

Well sufferin’ cats!

This says that if you outsource your data center management, you have a:

  • 15% (1 in 7) chance of losing your data
  • 50% (1 in 2) chance of being down for an extended amount of time after a natural disaster
  • 65% (13 in 20) chance of getting screwed if you’re targetted for cyber crime.

Do you really like those odds?

Brazil is About to Get a Lot More Popular

China might be the tiger, but Brazil was pegged to be the tortoise of the decade. (Remember, slow and steady wins the race!) After all, in last year’s special report on business and finance in Brazil in the Economist, Brazil was pegged for 4-5% year over year growth, while most countries, like the US, are struggling to achieve a mere 3%.

The article, which noted that Brazil could be one of the world’s five biggest economies by mid-century, joining China and India who are also climbing, pointed out that FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) in Brazil was up 30% year-over-year when the global average was -14% and GDP has been outpacing inflation in Brazil for five years.

And now, as per this recent article over on CNet, Foxconn is looking to invest 12 Billion in Brazil. That’s almost 1% of the annual GDP of Brazil! That’s quite a boost to the local manufacturing economy. Then when you add the proximity to North America, the deep cuts in taxes Brazil is granting to foreign companies, and the rapid growth projected for the coming years, Brazil is likely to get a lot more popular in the years ahead.