Nipendo: Streamlined Invoice Management for Even the Largest Organization

When we introduced Nipendo last month, a provider of order-to-payment automation software, we noted that they were bringing O2P and P2P to the Mainstream and that they recently introduced rules-based end-to-end invoice reconciliation. In Nipendo’s platform, invoices can come in through the portal, web services, EDI, supported supplier networks, and Nipendo’s own Print-to-Cloud solution. The invoice data is then processed and normalized into the Nipendo system, compared against purchase order data, and validated against a complete suite of rules that include data format validation, vendor data validation, referenced document (orders and receipts) validation, tax validation, quantity validation, amount validation, and total validation. If anything is off, it is pushed to a queue for manual verification or correction. These rules can be custom configured as needed and can include automatic data normalization and completion when the purchase order and / or good receipt document can be identified and the line item data accessed.

When this invoice verification and automation is combined with their supplier on-boarding process, their customers, which include a large number of Fortune 500 and Global 3000 Multinationals, quickly reach the point where:

  • 98%+ of all invoices flow through the system,
  • 99%+ of all errors are caught,
  • 90%+ of all invoices are automatically processed without human intervention, and
  • 80%+ process savings are realized and maintained.

Even their largest multi-national Fortune 500 customer reached this point within 24 months, with 80%+ of all invoices flowing through the system in 12 months. A lot of organizations offer e-invoicing, but not all offer all of the invoice submission options of Nipendo and even less reach the level of processing and automation that Nipendo has reached. It’s an impressive Order-to-Payment (O2P) solution.