Source-to-Settle – The Sourcing and Procurement Kettle

Source-to-Settle is the end-to-end integration of sourcing and procurement, starting with spend analysis and ending at spend analysis. It is the integrated workflow that starts with sourcing event identification, proceeds through e-Negotiation and Award, and ends with the creation of a purchase order, the receipt of goods and an invoice, and the e-payment for goods received and includes everything in between.

There’s a lot involved in the source-to-settle process, and often a lot more than can be found in most sourcing and procurement modules and stand-alone best-of-breed suites. As indicated in our last post, there is the need for accuracy — to insure that savings are not lost and the right categories are identified. There is also the need for compliance — with insurance and regulatory requirements, with contracts and pricing, and, most importantly with SOX. And results only come from efficiency and performance — which requires integrated, streamlined processes, supplier performance management, and collaboration.

It’s a tall order, but an organization that doesn’t keep PACE never realizes the value that results when there’s one integrated workflow, one complete spend repository for spend analysis, and one, 100% accurate, view of the truth.

For deeper insight into how an end-to-end integrated Source-to-Settle solution can allow your organization to keep PACE and deliver value beyond what you may have thought possible, download Sourcing Innovation’s latest white-paper on how An Integrated Source-to-Settle Platform Brings Unparalleled Benefits to Supply Management and register for Ivalua’s upcoming webinar on how to Help Build Your Business Case Today on January 28 @ 11 PST / 14 EST / 19 GMT!