Daily Archives: October 5, 2016

Intenda – A Trusted Platform for Public Sector Procurement

Intenda is another name you might not know, as they are a South African Enterprise whose primary global customer base centred around South Africa, the UK, and Australia, but they are a very strong provider of Source-to-Pay in the public sector with tens of thousands of users across multiple global sites that collectively serve customers in over 30 countries.

Intenda is one of the unique, odd-ball, providers in the Source-to-Pay world. Like b-Pack (now part of Determine) and iValue, it’s development was heavily influenced by its initial customer base and in addition to standard S2P functionality, it also has

  • inventory & asset management,
  • GRC (governance, risk, and compliance) and Traceability, and
  • GPO / central service centre support.

From a Source-to-Pay (S2P) perspective, the strength of the platform lies primarily in its Purchase Order (PO) and invoice management capability and secondarily in its sourcing management capability. The requisition management capability is among the most powerful and most flexible on the market. Not only can requisitions be very detailed with complete part information (if known), multiple lines, cost breakdowns, detailed headers for proper (approval) routing and budget assessment, but different requisitions, with pre-defined headers, processing, and routing information, can be created for each type of purchase, each business unit, each geography, and each special case that the organization needs to support.

The system also supports detailed RFQs/RFBs, the ability to compare them side-by-side using multiple weighting schemes, and do calculation scenarios on sub-bids using any set of filters or restrictions that are required. The platform also supports basic e-Auctions for those clients that want it, but this feature is optional. A user can create an extensively detailed requisition, flip it to a (senior) buyer who can use it as the basis for a detailed RFP, get quotes, and then run an auction and/or make an award.

But the biggest strength of the platform is the audited and government approved security. The solution supports defense clients and revenue service clients in multiple countries, and has gone through just about every security and certification test that one can think of for a SaaS based solution. The solution, which supports fine-grained role-based security, heavy encryption, and multiple levels of authentication, including LDAP integration, if required, has been verified as secure by the most demanding of organizations. Very few platforms have gone through the level of security validation that Intenda has.

If you are a public sector body, or a large multi-national private sector organization that needs an inclusive S2P platform, Intenda is another platform you need to know about. For a detailed review, check out the recent Spend Matters Pro series (membership required) by the doctor and the prophet (Part I). The insights are worth it.