A Supply Management Alphabet

Inspired by Edward Gorey.

A is for analysis, of data sets quite large.

B is for bid, which might leave out the surcharge.

C is for contracts to cover our backsides.

D is for demand ‘cross the customer divides.

E is for ethics, which often get overlooked.

F is for finance, where the books will get cooked.

G is for global, the world is our stage.

H is for hub, where our goods get waylaid.

I is for inventory, obsolete by the day.

J is for JIT, a difficult ballet.

K is for Kaizen, often mispronounced.

L is for labour, who strike unannounced.

M is for majeure, which suppliers will claim.

N is for negotiate, the salesperson’s game.

O is for optimize, as we’re lost in the woods.

P is for procure, we need our missing goods!

Q is for quote, where assumptions abound.

R is for requisition, for products unsound.

S is for supplier, our life in their hands.

T is for taxes, which cross many lands.

U is for upcharge, which blows up our cost.

V is for value, which always gets lost.

W is for warehouse, where our goods disappear.

X is for XML, held hostage by the code buccaneer.

Y is for yield, which is never as expected

Z is for zone, where trade is inspected.

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