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It Was Nice to See Procurement Get a USA Today Headline, But …

… it would be nicer still if the article made any sense!

Last month, the USA Today ran an article on How to Optimize the Procurement Lifecycle of Your Business that gave the doctor hope that maybe Procurement would get a sliver of the just desert it deserves. But, alas, the article was yet another example of how the big publications don’t care, don’t actually verify the content, and allow whatever big company gets their attention to push their agenda.

Because SEO has no place in any article on “How to Optimize the Procurement Lifecycle of Your Business”. Sales cycle, maybe. But Procurement cycle? Not a chance!

Let’s back up.

The article starts off by noting that understanding the procurement process is vital to improving cost efficiency, ensuring quality procurement solutions, and staying compliant with regulations, which is all true, and all critical to any business (among other things, but you can’t overwhelm the average reader who’s likely not a Procurement expert). It also notes that the procurement process is fraught with complexities and challenges which is also true, and also critically important for a non-Procurement person to understand.

Then it says that optimizing the procurement process entails the use of modern technologies, insights, and strategies, which gave the doctor hope that maybe it would help an average user understand what kind of technologies the organization needed, what insights the technologies should provide, and what types of procurement strategies the organization might want to consider.

But instead of actually providing these key insights it goes on to say that inefficiencies in procurement management can lead to increased costs, delayed deliveries, and compromised quality, which, while also true, is not that helpful at this point (and should have been listed as examples of the complexities and challenges highlighted above). It used this as a lead in to how modern point-of-sale (POS) systems are instrumental in dealing with inefficiencies, WHAT THE HELL?, which is used as a lead in to a whole section on digital transformation: incorporating SEO for Procurement Optimization, WHAT THE FUCK?

A POS solution is NOT a Procurement solution, and it’s certainly NOT instrumental in dealing with inefficiencies in Procurement management. Procurement is about acquiring the product an organization needs when — and where — it needs it. While a modern POS system can push roll up data into the inventory management system which, in turn, can generate forecasts to feed Procurement, a modern POS system is not necessary because all Procurement needs is sales projections, and if the delivery timeline from the source in Bangladesh or Shanghai is 45 to 60 days, it only needs 60 days of granularity, not sales data by the hour! Logistics will need that granularity to do finer forecasts to push stock where it is needed before it is needed, but NOT Procurement.

But the cardinal sin of this article is claiming that incorporating SEO techniques into the digital transformation strategy of the business can add another dimension to procurement optimization. No NO NO NO NO! The article claims that with SEO techniques, businesses can reach out to a wider pool of global suppliers, which is completely false because THAT’S NOT HOW SEO WORKS! SEO helps people doing searches find sites that match certain keyword searches, and, thus, would only work if the potential supplier has a sales person who is actively using the internet looking for new customers, who is using the keywords that the site has been SEO’d for, and who is searching in the organization’s language and in the organization’s geography (as most search engines prioritize same language results in the region). In other words, the chances of a supplier you might actually consider finding your SEO-optimized site and reaching out to the right person at your organization is only slightly better than you winning the grand prize in a mega-millions lottery.

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So, even though Procurement is the life blood of the business, when it comes to mainstream coverage, Procurement Don’t Get No Regard, No Regard At All!