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It’s No Wonder SMEs Can’t Get Procurement Right!

… when everything that the vast majority of publications tell them is barely on topic at the best of times, and, as per our article on a recent USA Today article, give them horrendously bad advice that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

Needless to say, the doctor found yet another article that is just, well, bad. At least this article wasn’t on USA Today. It was a regional business site in the UK (but what should we expect considering all of the examples of Bad Buying that Peter Smith has been bringing to our attention in his articles for about a decade now).

This article, which purported to educate us on 5 tools to streamline your supply chain only managed to identify three (3), that’s right three, actual supply chain tools, of which one (1), that’s right, one, tool would actually streamline your supply chain.

So let’s start with the ONE good suggestion:

Digital Freight Forwarding

Global logistics is hard. Very hard. All of the different paperwork requirements for pre-clearance, clearance, post-clearance; all of the different taxes and rates to keep track of on import/export/sale; all of the parties that need to be involved in getting the goods off the ship to the cross dock to the warehouse where the last mile carrier picks up; etc. is very demanding. If you’re not a big company that can afford a logistics department staffed by a logistics team, not just a PO clerk who has it as his part time job, you shouldn’t be doing it. You should be using a partner — it will be faster, better, and cheaper for you to do so. It will streamline your supply chain.

But that’s the last good suggestion. The following are two supply chain tools that will help you, but they will not streamline your supply chain.

Data Analytics

While a good data analytics solution will help you identify issues and bottlenecks, it won’t actually help you streamline them. You will have to leave the system to examine the issue, come up with solutions, and then go into some other system to implement those solutions.

Inventory Management

A great inventory management system will streamline inventory management processes, making it quicker and easier to maintain visibility into your stock, become aware of low stock (automated alerts), maintain your catalog, find product (when you can record the location), determine actual space utilization, and even optimize your storage rooms and warehouse. But an inventory management solution doesn’t streamline your supply chain if you need 60 days lead time and get an alert that you’ll probably be out of product 30 days before the next order arrives. For that, you need a proper forecasting tool, optimized global logistics with expediting options when needed, integration with your PoS systems for daily updates (to detect unexpected changes in sales early), etc.

And then the last two options weren’t even supply chain! (And definitely wouldn’t streamline the supply chain.) Because:

  • accounting software is for finance
  • chatbots are for customer support

If you really want to streamline your supply chain, then, in addition to help with logistics, you need:

  • automated supplier onboarding (with the ability to integrate risk/compliance data)
    (get a supplier in the system in days, not weeks)
  • P2P for easy (re)ordering and quick-hit RFQs
    (buy quickly when you need to)
  • online contract negotiation, signing, and management solutions
    (get the the deal done quickly)
  • good forecasting
    (so you know how much you will need to order and when)

And there are plenty of affordable options in each of these areas for small and mid-size enterprises. Just check out the many vendor lists that the doctor included in his 39-part Source-to-Pay series.