China Matters

Over on China Matters, Jason just completed his initial 27-part PBS-like Series on the hazards of China Sourcing – which is certainly to be followed by the 27-Part PBS-like Series on the benefits of sourcing in the new China – but in the interim, I’d highly recommend you take this opportunity to catch up if you’ve missed any!

From hot-crossed Beijing Buns to the Turning-Aside of Thomas to the Perils Posed to Paris’ Poodle, this series has it all. Explore the controversy and get the full perspective in a series that even has a little hex-in it. And when the future ain’t what it used to be, why not dive in to the one place that knows you got ‘VAT!

So, in its bloggin’ brilliance, here is the 27 part PBS-like series on the Hazards of China Sourcing: