Why We Need Trusted Sources

Some people think that everyone should be a blogger because they believe that the wisdom of crowds will find and filter the best content to the top and this, in turn, will give us better news, opinions, and commentary.

Well, I for one don’t. First of all, not everyone can write well. Secondly, even most of the well written stuff would probably be about Amy or Britney or Christina etc. Thirdly, the internet crowds (or at least the heavily active ones) are not very wise. Just ask Zach Braff who was scrubbed yesterday by crowd wisdom and had to post an impromptu video on YouTube to assure his fans, and his mom, that he is indeed very much alive.

Now, while I welcome the commentary of those more brilliant than myself, and sincerely hope that some of the former sourcing blogger heavyweights like Dave Stephens and Doug Hudgeon will make a triumphant return to the space, I don’t want to read the fantasy of the average moron or the debris that the “crowd wisdom” currently floats to the top on many of the social news selection sites. I want credible, reliable, and intelligent sources, not candidates for Zach’s Douche of the Day Award.