I Hope You Take More Care With Your RFP Responses Than This!

Pricing FAIL

  Courtesy of the FAIL Blog

If your price changes sporadically every time you quote, for no apparent reason, you’re not going to look very organized!

Anyway, maybe this is why Wal-Mart changed their slogan from “Always Low Prices” to “Save Money. Live Better” because, as Vinnie recently pointed out, not all prices have been rolling back at Wal-Mart lately. Vinnie notes (as I have also noticed) that Mach3 Razors and dog food have been rising inexplicably, and I once walked into Walmart to pick up a can of coffee that was advertised at 4.97 the week before to find it had increased 60% to 7.97. So, while you will live better if you save money, you might not necessarily be saving that money at Wal-Mart.