A Quick Reference to Perfect Order Fulfillment in Your Warehouse

I enjoyed the recent white paper from Motorola on Warehouse Management: A Quick Reference Guide To Improving Inventory Accuracy For Perfect Orders because it was short and got straight to the point. Defining the perfect order as an order that is

  • delivered on time and in full,
  • in compliance with a customer’s three-way match (invoice, PO, and receipt), and
  • free of quality issues,

it goes on to say that multiple factors contribute to imperfect orders and that the most important starting point is a value stream map that identifies where the most errors are occurring in your current operations.

It then presents some straight-forward resolutions to common operational challenges that you can use to quickly increase your perfect order accuracy. Examples include:

Operational Challenge Resolution
Manual Order Processing & Improvement automation technology, RFID, barcodes, and mobile printers
Picking Methods hands-free wearable computers, scan verification, and voice recognition
Software Systems central database/ERP, WMS module, continuous training and improvement
Labor include employees in improvement processes, reward workers for achieving goals, communicate regularly, and hold everyone accountable for following the right processes

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