Why So Few Tweets from the C-Suite?

A recent HBR blog post asked why so few tweets from the C-suite. Apparently the author, a “reputation strategist” at a public relations consultancy (no surprises here!), believes that all modern CEO should have a presence online and that the best way to accomplish this is to use modern social platforms, among which Twitter (again, PR person) is supposedly included.

Well, there’s an easy answer to this question, and since I’m such a nice guy, I’m going to give it to her:

Because, contrary to popular opinion, C-suite executives are not a bunch of twits.

Generally speaking, you do not get promoted to the C-suite if you’re an idiot. And most modern executives, who know that Twitter will make a twit out of you by causing you to lose basic writing skills, understand that they need every brain cell they have to survive in today’s modern economy. So while there is an argument for them to be blogging and communicating more with the public using modern tools, there’s never a good reason to use tools like Twitter, and thank whatever deity you believe in that some people still have the good sense to know this!