Top Posts of 2016!

Now that we’ve counted down the top posts from the archives, we’re going to count down the top posts of the year, based on direct page-views. (These could be slightly out of order as most posts are accessed by main page accesses, but, as daily visits are fairly consistent, the relative order should not be off two much.) Our expectation is that many of these posts will continue to be read in the years to come as SI posts, which focus on education and not entertainment, truly do stand the test of time (as explained in our previous posts)!

Runner Up:

Give Your Procurement Some Backbone! Part I

10. Training a Procurement Team

09. 5 Reasons Why You Need to Take the Direct Procurement Challenge!

08. Aligning Procurement Strategies to Business Goals, Part I

07. Aligning Procurement Strategies to Business Goals, Part II

06. TAMR – Trying to Tame the Data Deluge!

05. Driverless Delivery? Tantalizing Theft Target!

04. Trade Extensions is Redefining Sourcing, Part IV

03. Spend 360 – Applying Deep Machine Learning to Spend Analysis

02. The Death of Factoring Will Be Highly Exaggerated

01. Technology Sustentation 89: IP Patents

What does all this mean? Come back tomorrow for our analysis.