On the Fifth day of X-Mas (2016)

On the fifth day of X-Mas
my blogger gave to me:
some SRM Posts
some CLM Posts
some Best Practice Posts
some Trend Bashing Posts
and some ranting on stupidity …

Supplier Relationship Management. It’s another mouthful. And depending on your mindset, it either sounds like it is the consultant fad of the day or just drinks after work. But it is a critical part of Supply Management. Without good supplier relationships, you’re leaving money on the table. Lots of it. Not only does poor supplier performance cost you in terms of stock-outs, quality, returns, etc., but it costs you in opportunity. High performing suppliers are often the best source of innovation and value an organization has, and the organizations that are treated as customers of choice by those suppliers reap the biggest benefits. Thus, SRM is critical to master and to get right. So here are a few good posts to help you understand SRM and the current state of affairs.

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Of course there is much more to be said on the topic, but this gets you started. And searching the archives will keep you going.

Come back tomorrow for the sixth day of X-Mas.