I Finally Figured Out Why …

I’m not stir-crazy about AMR’s DDSN – Demand Driven Supply Network – focus, but I could never figure out why. I fundamentally agree with the principles, I like a lot of the great research they have produced, and yes I believe you should be focused on understanding actual demand, but DDSN just doesn’t seem to have that special ring to it – the ring that rolls of your tongue. Then yesterday I stumbled across InventoryOps.com Business Humor Lame Lists.

Included with paradigm, sea change, watershed moment, and leveraging, among others, is, you guessed it:

Demand Chain Does calling a supply chain a demand chain really change anything? I’m pretty confident that most people working in supply chain management realize the purpose of the supply chain is to meet demand.

All I can say is … Duh! So in the grand scheme of the Purchasing – Procurement – Sourcing – Supply – Spend – Management Smorgasboard, I’m going to keep calling it supply chain. And now I know why.