Daily Archives: January 19, 2016

What is Procurement Getting in 2016?

A lot of technology is being hyped yet again for 2016. For example, Juniper Research (courtesy of Entrepreneur) says the big trends to expect this year are:

  • Virtual Reality
  • Social Robots
  • Wearable Technology
  • Supercomputer Cell Phones
  • Multi-System Screen Sharing
  • Bitcoin
  • Cloud-Based Video Gaming
  • Professional Video Gamers Make it Big
  • Better Data Protection
  • Crowdfunding

Not only is there nothing new here (as some of this technology has been emerging for over two decades), but there is nothing that really helps business operate better.

  • Virtual Reality can create more immersive training simulations, but most business don’t need that.
  • Social Robots can take the automated attendant to the store, but it’s still just a fancy kiosk.
  • Giving everyone Google Glass isn’t going to make the world smarter (although it may make the NSA happier).
  • We don’t need a super computer in our cell phone.
  • Platform standardization makes multi-system screen sharing easy, especially if you are running virtual machines in the cloud. (And the now defunct SunRay made this a reality 15 years ago.) And if you don’t have the right information in the first place, who cares what screen it’s on.
  • Bitcoin is no more secure than the person holding the key.
  • If Psy’s Gangnam Style has wasted over 16,000 many years by June, 2014 (Source: The Economist), how many million of man years are being wasted by MMORPGs that are emerging in the cloud?
  • What has the world come to when “sport” is playing a video game?
  • Data protection always gets better, and is always better than 99% of people and organization’s need.
  • Crowds aren’t always wise. They have a history of lynching.

And since Procurement is still often treated as the Island of Misfit Toys, if the business isn’t getting anything good, what is Procurement getting?